Rav. A. Sherman The Halachic Attitude Towards Nonobservant Jews 11
Rav Y. Gershuni Minority Rights in Israel 19
Rav M. Waldman The Status of Ethiopian Jewry 35
Dr. I. Warhaftig Consumer Protection - Price and Wage Levels 49
Rav Z.N. Goldberg Maternity in Fetal Implant 71
Rav E. Bick Maternity in Fetal Implant 79
Rav Y. Y. Frankel זצ"ל A Holocaust Survivor Who Saved Himself with His Brother's Money 87
Rev E. Bakshi-Doron Honoring an Estranged Parent 95
Rav 0. Yosef Should One Combine Torah Education with Secular Studies? 105
Rav Y. Kafah Secular Studies in the Rambam 109
Rav K.F. Tchursch זצ"ל The Obligation to Participate in a Wedding Celebration 117
Rav M. Feinstein זצ"ל Medical Responsa 129
Rav S. Yisraeli Skin Transplants for Burn Victims 137
Rav C.D. Halevi Disconnecting a Terminal Patient from an Artificial Respirator 147
Dr. A. Steinberg Brit Mila - Medical-Halachic Aspects 157
Dr. I. Warhaftig Medical Experimentation on Prison Inmates 175
Rav Y. Shaviv Conflicting Mitzva Obligations (Halachic Aspects of the Hesder) 187
Rav A. Y. Halevi Kilav Releasing Terrorists 201
Rav S. Goren Combat Morality and the Halacha 211
Rav Z. Koren The Temple Mount 233
Rav S. Adler The Electric Hot Plate on Shabbat 247
Rav Y. Rozen The Shabbat Elevator 257

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