Rav Yisrael Rozen Microphones and amplifiers on Shabbat 9
Dr. Avinoam Shuffer Epilepsy and Halacha 46
Rav Yigal Bezalel Shafran Administering medical treatment to parents against their wishes 68
Rav Dr. Pinchas Toledano Removing a pacemaker from the deceased 93
Rav Eliyahu Bakshi Doron Pregnancy for the purpose of transplantation 100
Rav Shlomo Dichovsky Adoptive parents’ obligation to support their children 110
Rav Avraham Scheinfeld The mitzva of honoring grandparents 133
Rav Avraham Sherman Corporal punishment by parents and teachers 143
Rav Yitzchak Levi Striking children: a rejoinder 158
Rav Moshe Kurtstag May a kohain marry the daughter of a non-jew and a jewess 163
Rav Yehuda Shaviv Beloved in life! - and in death 175
Rav Yehuda Zoldan Hunger strikes 195
Rav Menachem Felix Nevertheless: hunger strikes 225
Rav Meir Batiste Collective punishment 233

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