Ice Machine

In the climate in Israel, the availability of ice in the summer is not really a luxury. This is especially true in public places, such as hotels, dormitories, and dining rooms in the army or the police.

 Ice machines produce ice cubes by a process that takes a long time, at the end of which the cubes are sent to a storage bin. Repeated production cycles follow. When the bin is full, a sensor trips a switch to stop the process of making new ice. When a load of ice is removed from a full bin, the process of making ice is restarted. But this presents a problem on Shabbat.

 The Zomet Institute has installed a mechanism in such machines based on the principle of continuing the existing status. This checks the amount of ice in the bin at regular intervals, not related to whether ice has been removed or not, allowing the machine to be used without desecrating Shabbat.

 For details and order information, contact The Zomet Institute.

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