An intercom is used for contact between two people who are not very far from each other. Often the communication is very important, even though it might not be a direct case of mortal danger. Examples might be a discussion between different departments in a hospital, between a medical team and a patient in an isolation room, or when there is a need to identify somebody who wants to enter a controlled access site. Many hospital departments have controlled entry of this type.

 The guard or the nurse inside the facility must have some way to identify the person who is outside the closed door. Only then will he or she open the door by pressing a button at a control station or on the door itself.

 Using a mechanism developed at The Zomet Institute based on gramma (indirect action), an intercom can be used on Shabbat even in situations that are not directly life threatening. Many health and security installations have a wide variety of intercoms and devices for controlled entry on Shabbat.


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