Shabbat Elevators

For many years, The Zomet Institute has provided consulting services to firms that install elevators both in Israel and abroad, giving approval for Shabbat operation.

 More than 90% of the Shabbat elevators in Israel operate according to instructions by The Zomet Institute and under its supervision. A certificate approving their use for Shabbat is displayed in these elevators.

 All of the installation is done by company technicians, and they are the ones who do the work involved in obtaining the approval.

 What is needed for an elevator to operate as a "Shabbat elevator?"

  1. A timer to schedule automatic operation
  2. Disconnecting the manual buttons (except for the emergency button)
  3. Automatically stopping at every floor or two, leaving enough time for safe entry and exit
  4. Neutralizing any electrical effects connected to entry or exit from the elevator while it stops at a floor
  5. Sounding a warning buzzer before the doors close
  6. Taking care of the weighing mechanisms – either by disconnecting them or by neutralizing the effect of a person's entry into the elevator
  7. Proper operation of re-leveling
  8. Turning off unnecessary signal lights and taking care of floor indicator lights
  9. Appropriate signs in the elevator and at all floors

The above factors are checked by the staff of The Zomet Institute. Only after they are sure that the elevator meets all the halachic-technical criteria is a certificate of approval issued by The Zomet Institute.

 In order to install Shabbat controls in an elevator the client should turn to the manufacturer.

To arrange for a check of an elevator's Shabbat control, please contact The Zomet Institue

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