Speech Impaired

Keyboard for the Speech Impaired

 People with impaired speech often use a special keyboard for communication. They can write a short word or a phrase on a screen (water, book, I want to move, and so on). When they press a button, the sound of the phrase can be heard from the device. Anybody nearby can hear the phrase and also see it on the screen.

 Must such disabled people remain silent on Shabbat? How can they communicate with those around them on the most "socially interesting" day of the week?

 In The Zomet Institute, such a person is defined as "a sick person whose entire body troubles him," and on Shabbat he or she is allowed to use a mechanism that operates on the principle of gramma (indirect operation).

 On Shabbat, the keys of the device are transformed into gramma switches by means of a halachic-technological mechanism. The keyboard can then be used on Shabbat. Handicapped people continue to communicate with their surroundings, and they are spared any discomfort in addition to their medical affliction.

 For details and prices, contact The Zomet Institute.

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