Adjustable Sickbed


The wisest man who ever lived wrote, "For all his days are pain and anger, even at night, his heart will not lie at rest" [Kohellet 2:23]. And indeed patients who lie for a long time in bed may begin to feel acute discomfort. Every now and then, they must change the position of the bed and the way that they are lying, in order to stretch their bodies and achieve some comfort.

 Great technological efforts have been expended in designing comfort aids to improve the quality of life of sick patients, crippled people, and the handicapped. Some beds are equipped with remote controls that allow different sections of the bed to be raised or lowered, in addition to changing the angle of the bed and other functions.

 All of these changes in the bed could also be accomplished mechanically. But aside from the effort required, this means that the patient must always have help from a nurse or a visitor.

 An electronic remote control is a more modern device for adjusting a bed, and it can make life much easier. If it were always a matter of a mortal threat, there would be no problem on Shabbat. However, changes are often needed to increase the patient's comfort even if there is no life-threatening situation.

 The Zomet Institute has developed a gramma (indirect operation) control that can be used to move parts of a bed without violating Torah prohibitions or rabbinical decrees. The Shabbat remote control can handle all of the original functions of the bed or only some of them, as desired.

 For details and prices, contact The Zomet Institute.

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