Wheelchair Stair Climber

A handicapped person at the foot of a staircase might just as well have come to a tall mountain blocking his or her path. Powered stair climbers have been developed for such people, allowing them to go up or down stairs using a chain (or similar mechanism) to which a wheelchair is attached. The stair climber is similar to a wheelchair in that the motion is powered by battery-operated electric motors.

 For safety reasons, the stair climber is operated by another person and not by the rider. The operator is the one who controls the equipment.

 How can a handicapped person go up or down on Shabbat? The Zomet Institute provides the stair climber with a gramma (indirect action) mechanism to turn the machine on or off, and this is permitted on Shabbat for essential and medical needs.

 For details and prices, contact The Zomet Institute.

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