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1678: Korach 30th of Sivan 5777 24/06/2017

- Answers for last week, the Torah portion of Shelach – the riddle was: What does “my ship of the desert” have in common with a creature that lives in the water?

- Answer: the “ship of the desert” is “gemalli” – my camel. The word in Aramaic for a fish, which lives in water, is “nun.”
- These two words appear as the names of the fathers of two of the scouts: “For the tribe of Dan, Ami’el Ben Gemalli” [Bamidbar 13:12]. For the tribe of Efraim, Hoshaya Bin Nun” [13:8].

(With thanks to Shulamit Tzitron from Bnei Berak, who sent this riddle.)

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