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1678: Korach 30th of Sivan 5777 24/06/2017

Zomet Institute has established a private conversion court headed by Rabbi Gidon Perl and Rabbi Yisrael Rozen, who both served 15 years in the system of conversion courts set up by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.

This court extends a helping hand to candidates for conversion to Judaism who are worthy in all aspects of the process including knowledge of Judaism and performance of the mitzvot, as is accepted by the courts of the Chief Rabbinate. The only element that they are missing is that they are not given the opportunity to convert since they are not Israeli citizens. There are hundreds of such candidates for conversion every year. They are true converts, but they do not pass muster for the Ministry of the Interior of Israel, which acts out of a stark fear of dishonest candidates.

These converts are sent to us by official conversion Ulpanim and by recognized organizations of Ulpanim, on the recommendation of rabbis of communities where they live, by families who have “adopted” them, and by friends who testify to their serious approach and honest desire to become Jews.

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