Chagaz – User Guide

A guide for operating the Chagaz

The "Chagaz" is a device that allows a gas flame to be extinguished on a holiday in a way that is safe and halachically permitted.

According to the Israeli standard, the 'Chagaz' must be installed by a qualified gas technician.

Because of halachic and safety considerations, it is important to adhere to the following sequence of actions when using the Chagaz on a holiday:

(1) Make sure that all the gas valves on the stove are off.

(2) Set the timer by turning the dial to the desired gas time.

(3) Hold a flame near the burner and turn on the gas.

(4) On a holiday, it is prohibited to extinguish the flame that was used to light the burner (for example, a match or a candle).

(5) After the flame has been lit, it is forbidden to shorten the time that it will stay on!

(6) On the other hand, lengthening the time that the flame will be on – by turning the dial on the Chagaz – is permitted.

(7) After the gas has been turned off, all the controls on the stove should be closed!

"קבוע" setting– This allows gas to flow freely through the device, and it is the setting used all year round except during a holiday. 


 "סגור"– setting This blocks the passage of the gas.

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