Certifications & Guidelines

How should we choose a refrigerator? What is important from the halachic point of view?
Does the model type matter at all?
Halachic priorities (for essential use only) – hardware and actions
Do you wonder which model to buy? Think about what is needed for Shabbat!
Can we immerse an urn without damaging it?
A guide for operating the Chagaz
Do you have a problem operating a scooter on Shabbat?
Are we restricted to sign language on Shabbat?
Can it be used at all? How?
Is moving in front of a television camera permitted on Shabbat?
Can the same device be used for dairy and meat?
Resting on Shabbat isn't so simple for everybody
The most convenient way to prepare cholent on Shabbat
Can the same burner be used for dairy and meat? How should it be prepared for Peach?
Home Automation
a new kind of Shabbos clock by Elbex
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