As is well known, cooking is permitted on a holiday, but is it practical? Lighting a flame is no problem, since a fire can be lit from an existing one. But how can it be extinguished? One way that is sometimes used is gramma (indirect action), such as filling a pot with water, which puts the flame out when it boils over. But this is not only dangerous, it is problematic from a halachic point of view.


And that is why The Zomet Institute has developed the Holiday Gas Timer ( Chagaz ). This is a spring-operated mechanical timer. It is set before a flame is lit, and it then turns the flame off at the preset time. The Chagaz is a simple and safe device which limits the duration of the gas flow.


The halachic foundation of the Chagaz is that one is permitted to remove excess fuel before a flame is lit. The device has been approved by Rabbi Ovadia Yosef and Rabbi Yehoshua Noibirt.


Note: Once the flame has been lit it must not be lowered, and the timer must not be readjusted to turn the gas off earlier than was originally planned.

According to the Israeli standard, the 'Chagaz' must be installed by a qualified gas technician.


For the user guide click here .


For the Standards Institution of Israel Report click here


For more details, contact The Zomet Institute .


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