Your little baby is asleep, but you are not calm. There have been many cases of "crib death." To allay these fears, Baby Sense and other similar devices have been developed – such equipment senses sounds and movement, and it sets off an alarm if the baby stops moving or breathing.

 However, on Shabbat there is a problem. Before a baby is removed from the crib the machine must be turned off (to avoid sounding an alarm when there is no movement), and it must be turned on again when the baby is returned. But these actions are prohibited on Shabbat! How can we feel joy and happiness when we must run again and again to the baby's room to make sure that he or she is still breathing?

 The Zomet Institute has a solution for this problem. This is a special Shabbat control which turns the Baby Sense on and off through a mechanism of gramma (indirect action). While normally prohibited on Shabbat, this is permitted for essential tasks and in the case of large financial loss. Prominent rabbis agree that for one who uses such a device during the week the matter of keeping calm is important enough to permit the use of gramma on Shabbat.

 A Shabbat mechanism can be purchased for two specific brands:  Baby Sense and Angel Care (at present, the Angel Care model is available only for models which use two AA batteries but not the model which uses four AAA batteries).

 For more details, contact The Zomet Institute.

  Baby-Sense's instructions (in Hebrew)
  Angel-Care's instructions (in Hebrew)
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