Halachic Experts

Prominent rabbis and recognized halachic experts are the basic foundation of the chain of decisions in the oral Torah. Simply having accurate knowledge of halacha is not enough. What is also needed is recognized authority. The Zomet Institute regularly consults with rabbis from all sectors of Judaism, in an effort to facilitate the existence of a Jewish nation based on the halacha and to integrate halacha and modern life in all walks of life.

 As is well known, there is almost no halacha that doesn't involve some sort of disagreement – some rabbis forbid while others permit, some rule in favor of one side while others rule for the other side. However, in the tradition of halachic rulings handed down through the generations, to which we subscribe and are committed, there is a central stream. It is not easy to define its boundaries and the exact meaning of this concept, but it is well known that there is a line of halachic rulings which has been accepted by a broad base of the religious community.

 The Zomet Institute consults with halachic experts from various sectors. It has always maintained a close relationship with the Chief Rabbis. We were always close to Rabbi S.Z. Auerbach and Rabbi Shaul Yisraeli. We had many conversations with the late rabbis Chaim David Halevi and Shlomo Goren, and with such living rabbis as Mordechai Eliyahu, Yehoshua Noibert, Zalman Nachman Goldberg, and Yaacov Ariel, and other prominent rabbis


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