The Electric Hot Plate on Shabbat

Rabbi Sinai Adler
  • Why is it permissible?
  • Can I put my soup back on the platta during Shabbat?
  • The Electric Wheelchair on Shabbat

    Rabbi Yair Meir
    In recent years, the use of wheelchairs with electric motors has become common. Two outstanding Torah authorities in Jerusalem approached the Zomet Institute in order to devise the technical solutions to permit use of wheelchairs on Shabbat.

    The Shabbat Elevator

    Rabbi Yisrael Rozen
    Sabbath elevator debate. Following the publication of Rav L.Y. Halperin, that prohibits the use of Shabbat elevators (unless additional modifications are made), Rabbi Rozen, head of the Zomet Institute disputes and argues that the electrical 'side effects' that Rav Halperin is concerned about are not attributed to 'human force'.

    Microphones and Amplifiers on Shabbat

    Rabbi Yisrael Rozen
    In many synagogues around the world, particularly on Holidays when lots of people attend, the difficulty to hear the cantor can cause many to choose not to come. Similarly, public Passover Seders have become popular and important in many places around the world. Is the use of microphones permitted on Shabbat and Holiday? Under what conditions?

    Lee-Ner - Halakhic Background

    Lee-Ner - Halakhic Background

    Lighting Shabbat candles is a very precious mitzvah. While this precious mitzvah is often fulfilled by lighting a beautiful set of candles or a candelabra, circumstances arise in which fulfillment of the mitzva through live flames is not possible or not recommended; especially for those in hotels or hospitals over Shabbat.

    Using the 'Shabbos app' on Shabbat

    A new app, recently advertised, supposedly allows the use of smart-phones on Shabbat. What is The Zomet Institute's position on this issue?
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