The Zomet Experience

The Zomet Experience

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Electric Shaver

Electric Shaver

What's the difference between a razor and an electric shaver?
Buying a new fridge?

Buying a new fridge?

Is removing the bulb from the refrigerator enough?
  • The Ultimate Religious Zionist
    Point Of View

    The Ultimate Religious Zionist

    Question: What do the following diverse subjects have in common?

    * Validity of a civil marriage in terms of halacha

    * Annulling the marriage of an “Agunah”

    * Coercing a “get” in modern times

    * A “get” for a couple who were not married in a Jewish ceremony

    * The priestly blessings in modern times in Haifa and the north

    * Can soldiers who fought in Israeli wars recite the priestly blessings?

    * Morality and war

    * Chopping down trees in times of war and peace

    * The mitzva of counting for Shemitta and Yovel

    * Citric acid, glucose, and gluten for Pesach

    * The time to celebrate Purim in Safsufa

    Answer: All of these subjects appeared in articles in Techumin, initiated and written by Rabbi Sha’ar Yeshuv Cohen, Of Blessed Memory, who passed away on the third of Elul, the anniversary of the passing of Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Kook. And for those who are not aware of this, we note that Rabbi Sha’ar Yeshuv (in short: Rash”i) was the son of the remarkable Yerushalmi Nazir, Rabbi David Cohen, the disciple and the editor of books written by Rav Kook. And there is another family fact that should be noted: Rash”i was the brother-in-law of Rabbi Shlomo Goren, the mythological Chief Rabbi of the IDF (who was married to the daughter of the Nazir). As the brother-in-law of the Chief Rabbi, Rash”i was deeply linked to the meaning of the wars of Israel and their relationship to redemption. See the above list of topics that appeared in Techumin. Rash”i fought in the Old City of Jerusalem in 1948 and was taken captive by the Arab Legion when the Jewish Quarter fell. After his release, he advanced in his military career and reached the position of the rabbi of the Air Force. He then moved on to become the Chief Rabbi of the “Red City,” Haifa.
    1642 : Ki-Tavo
    21 Elul 5776 24/09/2016
    Taking a Torah Scroll off the Bima to Help a Handicapped Person / Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Rimon
    When a handicapped man is called to the Torah, are we allowed to put a small table next to the Bima for the Torah scroll and read the Torah from there?
    A Complete Task / Rabbi Atiel Gilady
    A person who starts things but never finishes lives in a perpetual state of frustration, even if he or she is not always aware of the reason for the feeling.
  • Using an oven on Shabbat

    Using an oven on Shabbat

    Is there any problem with using the oven on Shabbat under the control of a timer?
    Milk and Meat Dishes in the Same Dishwasher

    Milk and Meat Dishes in the Same Dishwasher

    Can the same dishwasher can be used for both dairy and meat dishes (not at the same time).
    Recycling Weekly Parsha Sheets

    Recycling Weekly Parsha Sheets

    Can I recycle the parsha sheets in such a way that the contents are not desecrated or harmed?
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