Shabbat B'Shabbato
A pioneer weekly leaflet in Hebrew and in English, Founded in 1985, almost 100,000 copies are distributed weekly.

Translated by:
Moshe Goldberg


Shabbat B' Shabbato

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Volume 1554: Miketz  28 Kislev 5775 20/12/2014
  File for download - Translated by Moshe Goldberg
Point Of View
> Chanukah: A Religious Victory for the Purpose of a Full Jewish Life / Zvulun Orlev
As Shabbat Approaches
> Reading the Megillah and Lighting Lamps / Rabbi Mordechai Greenberg
Rosh Yeshiva, Kerem B'Yavne
A Woman's Angle
> From Unity to Elections - by Terza Frankael, a teacher in "Tehilla" / Tirza Frankel
From the treasury of chassidic stories
> A Reprimand and an Embrace: A Chassidic Educational Tale / Zeev Kitsis, Kibbuts Hadati Yeshiva and Bar Ilan University
"The place" in the world
> Spring Water Flowing out of Jerusalem / Rabbi Yitzchak Levy, Yeshivat Har Etzion
Halacha From The Source
> Collecting the Remains of Chanukah Candles / The Center for Teaching and Halacha, Directed by Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Rimon
What Is That Phrase?
> Having a Conscience and Lifting a Finger / Yaacov Etzion
The Clear Vision Of Rav Kook
> Chanukah / Rabbi Chagai Londin,
Hesder Yeshiva in Sdeirot and Machon Meir
Straight Talk
> How can we Climb Out of the Pit? / Yoni Lavie
Manager, "Chaverim Makshivim" Website
Items From "In The Tents Of Shem"
> Calling a Friend by a Nickname / Dov Rozen
(Summarized by Yisrael Rosenberg)
Riddle of the Week
> Mikeitz / Yoav Shlossberg, Director of "Quiz and Experience"

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